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Bring on the Bling!


Okay ladies here ya go:) Entry is so simple just click this link and fill out the form.
Note: This is a VIP subscription also to my new website. Along with this entry you will also be entered to win every crochet pattern on my new website at launch. As well you will receive monthly specials and discounts.
All questions on the form must be answered to be a valid entry (really simple) and you must confirm in the follow up email that you want to be entered and that is it!
Draw for the Stitch Markers will be done Monday February 29th and when the website launches for the patterns.
Good Luck everyone!

3 thoughts on “Bring on the Bling!

  1. Your link with questions will not allow me to enter your subscription by entering my birthdate, I can only enter the month then nothing and your pop up says I must enter this info! Don’t know what is up with that!


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