Thank You!

Here in Canada Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago.  But now, as I am working on new designs I am also thinking how thankful I am for all the people out there supporting my business.  A business that allows me to be here for my family and at the same time do something I love. Continue reading “Thank You!”


CLOSED – It’s All About You! – Winner Denise Entry #19

Sometimes in business I come across an individual who blows me away with their gratitude and great customer service.  When this happens, I will be a customer for life!  It is because of this I would like to introduce you all to Roberto Sand – the man behind the awesome ultra suede tags you see on all my crochet items! Continue reading “CLOSED – It’s All About You! – Winner Denise Entry #19”

Crochet Jester Hat

More ADORABLE photos by Cuddlebug Captures – Thanks Shannon!

 I don’t know about you but I am all about the cheeks!  Cute cheeks, chubby cheeks, kissable cheeks!  And this little one has all of the above.

Enjoy this pattern and make sure you share photos of the cheeky one you make it for!

Love Cyp xo

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