It’s All About You!


100 Piece Giveaway!

WHO? Everyone Can Enter!

WHAT? Giveaway for 100 Ultra Suede Tags

WHERE? www.prettydarnadorable.com

WHEN? November 10 thru November 13, 2016

WHY? Because we love you!

Sometimes in business I come across an individual who blows me away with their gratitude and great customer service.  When this happens, I will be a customer for life!  It is because of this I would like to introduce you all to Roberto Sand – the man behind the awesome ultra suede tags you see on all my crochet items!

Since my relaunch last November I receive almost daily inquiries from peeps just like you asking “Where did you get those tags?”   I quickly send them over to Rob’s Etsy Store knowing they will be in great hands and will be thrilled with the end result.

Then it came to me!  I need to do a giveaway for these awesome tags!… But “I” can’t make them (insert sad face here…)

So I contacted Rob… 

“Hey Rob, I would love to hold a giveaway for my awesome peeps!  Are you in?” 

To which he responded “Heck ya! Lets do it!”  

Then I said “But I feel sad for my peeps that don’t win. (Sigh…)” 

To which he said “Don’t feel sad, I will give them all special pricing!”  

Me, “Whaaaat?” 

“Yes” He said, “This is what I would like to do.”


“The winner will receive 100 custom tags plus shipping a total value of $57 US!    

All other peeps that place an order between November 14 and November 21, 2016 will receive special pricing as below!

  •       50 for $19.50
  •     100 for $39.00”


Because this giveaway is all about YOU, the only thing you need to do is tell us you want them! (Insert applause here…) Yup! That’s it!

Entering this giveaway could not be easier. Simply post in the comments section under the “Ultra Suede Tags Giveaway” blog post that you want the tags and you will be entered. We will be selecting the winner Monday, November 14, 2016 by random draw.  The winner will be announced on my Blog, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

Remember, you do not have be a business owner to appreciate these wonderful tags.

Good Luck!

Love Cyprianne and Rob xo


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