Thank You!

Here in Canada Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago.  But now, as I am working on new designs I am also thinking how thankful I am for all the people out there supporting my business.  A business that allows me to be here for my family and at the same time do something I love.

The online business world has changed so much since I started ‘Speckled Frog Crochet’ back in late 2009. Back in the early years my Facebook business page was not a place where new designs were promoted as much as a place where people, mostly women and moms with young children chatted freely about the trials and tribulations of life and motherhood.

The hours I worked were long and late. Many nights as my family slept I would be working on new a design that I was anxious to see unfold. It was during those late evenings I would chat with people through Etsy Convo or on Facebook. These are the times friendships were formed and bonds were made with people I had never even met face-to-face. I knew customers by name, their children names and often details of their life which were so often in common with mine.  Then I took a break from designing…

When I came back oh my gosh things had changed!  So many designers so many Facebook pages and I felt completely out of touch and overwhelmed.  Everywhere I turned “Get More Followers!” was pushed in my face so I did.  But… I missed the intimacy of what my business used to be.

Now I feel things have come full circle.  Numbers don’t mean that much to me anymore (not to say I don’t appreciate EVERYONE who follows me – I DO!) But I look forward to seeing the people who comment, share their projects and are in my life on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.  I look for you now – and if you aren’t there I miss you!  Sounds silly I know but really how is it any different than looking forward to seeing the people you work with?  So please keep sharing, keep messaging me to show my what you have made or to touch base.  I really do enjoy it 🙂

Last year I did a re-launch and you all made it more successful than I could have ever imagined. I ended up in the top 10 sellers on Etsy for 3 days in a row!  I am so sincerely both humbled and thankful for this.

Now I am spending more time on my blog and YouTube.  I have created these venues as a place where I can give back.  Here you will not be bombarded with ads or pop-ups to get more from you.  Just come here an enjoy free video tutorials and free patterns – this space is all about you!

Long posts like this are very rare by me – but this is written from the heart.  I hope you have all taken a moment to read this so you know how much you mean to me.

Much love and appreciation,

Cyprianne xo

PS Watch your email tomorrow you will be getting your coupon code for BLACK FRIDAY (Well…THURSDAY)!


Did you try this pattern? What did you think?

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