DIY Crochet Kit – GIVEAWAY



Schnauzer Cozy 

DIY Crochet Kit

WHO? Everyone Can Enter!

WHAT? DIY Schnauzer Cozy Crochet Kit

WHERE? www.prettydarnadorable.com

WHEN? Friday December 2, 2016

WHY? Because it is too ‘ADORABLE’ not to share!


A few weeks ago on Instagram the cutest picture of a cozy popped up.  This was not a regular wow that is really nice cozy.  It was HOLY SMOKES THAT IS SO ‘DARN ADORABLE’ I NEED THIS NOW kinda cozy.  Staring back at me was the sweetest little Schnauzer face I had ever seen crafted from yarn.  I just looked at it and smiled – then quickly checked out Angels store where I found an abundance of sweet little faces – each one cuter than the last 🙂

Well, of course I had to write Angel and tell her how wonderful and unique I thought her product was and mentioned that I would love to do a giveaway if she was ever interested…  SHE WAS!

I am so excited to introduce you to Angela from HookedbyAngel.  She is the mastermind behind these beautiful, unique and loveable cozies.

Angela is giving away this super cute DIY Crochet Cozy Kit including shipping!  A value of up to $42!  

Angel is also offering two very generous discounts!

  • All patterns on RAVELRY will be available at 25% off please use Coupon Code: GIVEAWAY
  • All DIY Crochet Kits on Etsy will be available at 15% off.  Be sure to message her on Etsy to receive your discount!

Entering this giveaway could not be easier. Simply post in the comments section under the “DIY CROCHET KIT” blog post that this kit is too adorable to live without and you will be entered.

The winner will be announced on my Blog, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook on Monday December 5, 2016 by random draw.

Be sure to check out all of Angel’s awesome products here:


Good Luck Everyone!

Love Cyprianne and Angel xo



122 thoughts on “DIY Crochet Kit – GIVEAWAY”

  1. 109
    To darn adorable to live without!!!! Need this!!!!! My granddog “Doc’ is a mini schaunzer and he lives so far away from me that I don’t see him but once a year. This is so cute and I’d love to make it to remind me of him each day.


  2. 104
    I absolutely love this pattern. Not only do I have a soft spot for Mini Schnaus, but I have a couple of incredible friends who are owned by these mighty dogs and I’d love nothing more than to say thank you for their incredible friendship than by giving this fantastically adorable set that is impossible to live without. ❤️


  3. 103
    What a great introduction for me to your blog. I would certainly love to win this kit as it is too adorable to live without. I look forward to checking out your blog and finding projects to make!


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