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Choosing the Best Fabric to Line Your Hats


Jump right in and watch Youtube Videos Here: How to Line a Hat with Fleece and How to Line a Hat with Earflaps


When you step into any fabric there are so many beautiful textures and colours  it can be hard to choose.  But don’t be in a hurry to pass them by in your quest to get to the fleece because there are a few more options for lining your hats.  Lets explore.

Think KNIT fabrics, which have, in my opinion the best characteristics for lining your hats.

  • Knit fabrics are soft and comfortable to wear.
  • Knit fabrics are easy to work with and the edges won’t unravel.
  • Knit fabrics have a lot of natural stretch regardless of the fabric content.
  • Knit fabrics are often warm and retain heat.
  • Knit fabrics are made from both manmade and natural fibres.

Now take a moment to consider some of the following reasons you may want to add a liner to your hats, cowls or mitts.  It doesn’t have to be just for warmth. You can also choose fabrics just to add style, colour and interest to your knit or crochet items.

If you live in warmer climate fleece lining may be too warm OR maybe you have a beautiful wool hat that is already super warm OR you just found some awesome jersey knit with your favourite sports team logo all over it.  In any of these cases you may want to opt OUT of a fleece lining and try one of the options below.

Consider then, other knit fabrics:

JERSEY KNITS make for great liners – they have stretch although not a lot but can often be found made with Spandex which will help this fabric keep its shape.

RIBBED KNIT fabrics look just as the name suggests, you will see ribs running vertically on the fabric and is quite stretchy regardless of Spandex content.

FRENCH TERRY (I just discovered this today!) Is heavier than t-shirt but lighter than sweatshirt material.  This fabric is soft and cozy PLUS has moisture wicking properties which is perfect for warmer climates where you want to be kept cool and dry!

Now, after that being said, lets talk FLEECE one of the most popular fabrics for lining and making hats.  So what is so wonderful about fleece?  Well, if a picture is worth a 1000 words take a look at all the awesome choices you get.  I snapped this picture this morning while at my local Fabricland.

I could have looked and felt these fleece fabrics all day.  They had Micro-Fleece, Chenille Fleece, Mesh Fleece, Sherpa Fleece, Terry Fleece and if that wasn’t enough you could then choose from all different colours, plain, striped, textured, pictured oh my gosh… the list is endless…. The best part is because so little fabric is needed to line your hat it doesn’t cost much if you want to try them all!

So what else is great about FLEECE?

Fleece is super soft, warm and light and comes in a number of thicknesses.  It is made with a special brushing technique that makes the fabric soft and fuzzy so it isn’t itchy.  Fleece also does not hold water and will still breath when it gets wet which makes it perfect for use on cold snowy days!

Fleece is super easy to work with and stretchy just like knitted garments. It is easy to cut and will not unravel, so sewing by hand with no machine is easy and effective.  Your liner will be secure and stretch with you.

Fleece is vegan and environmentally friendly!  It is made entirely of man-made fibres often from post-consumer waste keeping bottles out landfills making it a perfect alternative to wool.

Lets sum it up!

  • Choose a fabric with stretch – knit not woven
  • Choose a fabric which has the same or less thickness/weight of your hat etc.
  • Choose a fabric which you find comfortable
  • Choose a fabric you feel will be easy to work with

Coordinating your look.

So now we know that there are so many more choices than we thought, how do we make sure that everything coordinates nicely.  Sometimes we pick what we think is the perfect fabric it has matching colours, a cute texture and is just the warmth we are looking for but, when we pull it all together it doesn’t quite work.

Below are some looks I have pulled together to help explain why cohesive colours and a cute pattern don’t always come together.  Remember though, although this is what I feel looks best together in the end it is completely up to you and what you like.  So just have fun and be cozy!

Delve even further into choosing a liner with me in the video below OR get to it and check out these videos on How to Line Your Hats Here: How to Line a Hat with Fleece and How to Line a Hat with Earflaps

Be sure to let me know in the comments below what you like to line your hats with?  Also, do you have a favourite online source for your fabric?  I’m sure our subscribers would love to know.

So my friends, stay cool and be warm.

Cyprianne XO



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